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Ben1988's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 1 (From 1 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 5 Points

Operation L.O.A.D

Aerial Skill Unlocked 1/11/14
5 Points
For dodging an enemy bullet that destroys another enemy.
Bronze Combat Medal 5 Points For defeating 500 basic enemies.
Outstanding Performance 5 Points Dodge 40 enemy attacks in a single mission.
Gold Combat Medal 10 Points For defeating 500 elite enemies.
L.O.A.D Service Medal 10 Points Contributed to the success of Operation L.O.A.D on all difficulties.
Platinum Combat Medal 10 Points For defeating 2,000 elite enemies.
Silver Combat Medal 10 Points For defeating 2,000 basic enemies.
Aerial Excellence 25 Points For defeating 15 enemies with dodged enemy attacks.
Perfect Launch 25 Points For reaching Orbit phase without being hit by an enemy attack. (On hard mode)
The Green Legend 25 Points For defeating over 10,000 enemies in total.

Medals Earned: 1/10 (5/130 points)